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Health Care Issues And American Health Care System

   Aug 13

Health Care Issues And American Health Care System

It was a tremendous step made by our President Obama on 23 March, 2010, when he signed a new milestone health care legislation and made numerous changes to the corrupted health care system which we have been fighting against for many years. Millions of phone calls, letters and heath care petitions, visits and meetings have finally brought to an action, and we all received a hope for coming effective health care reform in our country.

Health Care Issues This new legislation touches a number of important health care issues and puts our society on the way towards a much higher standards of medical services and health care. In particular, it will allow about 32 million American people receive a new type of coverage created in accordance with new insurance exchanges. It will make easier for small business owners to provide their employees with health insurance, as well as make special privileges for low-income families and employees.

It is planned also increase the investments in health care sector and substantially reduce the Federal budget deficit for the medical and related industries and sectors. A great number of advantages and benefits will be offered for working families. In particular, the age of children to stay under parents’ coverage will be increased to 26. Prices for many prescription drugs and medicines will be dropped down making the medicines more affordable for all social layers. Also, the costs of the coverage for retirees will be decreased.

These steps make us look into the future with great optimism! And we want to make everyone remember that these changes could come true due to a great concern and help of many health care enthusiasts and activists. Working America still has power to make lawmakers create and pass the essential reforms we all need.

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